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Care Team

North Paw doesn't just have a staff, we have an entire team that is both educated and trained to meet your Little's needs.


We are proud to hire genuinely amazing humans who want to spend meaningful time with the dogs and cats in our care. From puppies & kittens to super seniors, we love them all!

As forward-thinkers and animal advocates we also partner with local veterinary teams to ensure we are asking for appropriate medical information to best support your pet's stay at North Paw.

North Paw has a full time nationally Certified Professional Dog Trainer on staff who provides leadership and the day-to-day guidance to best support all pets who stay with us. We also partner with additional Certified Professional Dog Trainers who have a special fondness for and knowledge of smaller dogs and felines.



Laura Strimpel

Nationally Certified Professional Dog Trainer & Owner of Taproot Dog Training, LLC. Neonatal foster kitten parent, Master's degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education. Pack includes dogs Timbre & Jeta, and felines Tilly Riser Squirrel, Badu Riser, & Blazer Riser.

Join The North Paw Team!

North Paw employs part-time and full-time care team members. If you are interested in learning more please read the Position Description and if your skills match, email us your Application. Feel free to contact us with questions.

Position Description:


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