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Taproot Dog Training is North Paw's sister company, and as such Taproot utilizes both indoor and outdoor space at North Paw for training.

There are 2 options for Certified Training for/with your dog.

  1. You may add Training as an Additional Service for your dog while s/he is at daycare.

  2. You can register to attend a 5-Week Group Class with your dog, outside of the daycare setting.


  • Works with ALL dog breeds, weights/sizes.

  • Sets health & behavior requirements for group classes based on how dogs and humans learn.

  • Teaches with modern & practical curricula, in accelerated 5-week classes, 60min each week.

  • Proudly uses positive reinforcement-based training methods that are grounded in research. No fear or pain (including the use of pinch, prong, choke, or shock collars) are used or permitted in classes.

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