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Cat Boarding

At North Paw we ADORE our felines friends!
"These are amazing, discerning beings who are loyal, learn tricks, and want to explore. Our feline friends deserve our devotion."​​​

Specializing In Cat Care!

Cat-Designed Spaces

We offer specialized, comfortable, full rooms with large windows or tall bungalow spaces where your kitten or cat can be stimulated and/or rest easy. Each cat has their own space and enjoys time & cuddles from our care team throughout the day. Unless your kitty prefers more space from humans--we can accommodate that as well!


*We do our best to schedule reservations so that each cat has their own full room each time they stay with us.

Outdoor Play!

If your kitty is harness-trained and comes with one that is properly (and tightly) fitted, we will go out in the large play yard to explore!

Play with Another Cat!

Resident cat Cade loves our cat guests and it would bring him great joy to meet your kitty. If your cat gets along with other felines, Cade will be their best friend!



Our boarding spaces are equipped with live-monitoring via video with sound & are also  monitored for temperature in real time with alerts. Our generator guarantees power is never lost, which is critical during storms, in the heat of summer and in the bitter cold of winter. Safety and comfort of your beloved cat is our priority.


Health Requirements
*Unless otherwise disclosed, all cats must be in good health.
  1. Flea/Tick Medication applied 48 hours prior to drop off

  2. Cat(s) should be spayed/neutered unless prohibited by age or medical condition

  3. Rabies Vaccination

  4. FVRCP Vaccination

  5. Feline Leukemia Vaccination (may be waived if cats are boarded alone but they will not be able to interact with other boarders or meet Cade. Inquire).

Behavior Requirements

Cats who board with us should at least tolerate human interaction and should be able to be handled somewhat easily by humans. Biting, swiping at, lunging towards & scratching are behaviors we cannot accept for staff safety. Growling & hissing are precursors to the aforementioned behaviors, and we will heed these warnings.


If we are unable to interact safely with your cat, and s/he becomes so stressed where they stop eating or discontinue using the litter box, you will be called and asked to come for your cat in the same day. This is why having a local emergency contact is critical.

We cannot accept cats who have a history of not using a litter box, missing the litter box, or spraying/marking. Cats that have no history of this but do spray/mark or urinate or defecate outside of litter boxes will be asked to be picked up immediately and pet parents will be charged a minimum of $150 for sanitation.


Parents understand that they are agreeing to this possible fee by bringing their cats to board at North Paw.



Step 1: Complete Cat Profile
Download the Cat Profile &
email it back completed to Profile: 

Step 2: Records
You or your vet should email records to include:
  • vaccination requirements mentioned above
  • proof of flea/tick prevention (receipt, or pic of the package)

Step 3: Intro Meeting
**Please leave kitty at home**

This is YOUR opportunity to:
  • Meet the Owner of North Paw.
  • See where your cat will be spending their time.
  • Ask every question you can think of.
This is OUR opportunity to:
  • Meet your human family.
  • Ask questions about and get to know your cat as well as we can through you. Feel free to bring pics & videos.
  • Follow up on paperwork.
  • Assess if we should proceed to boarding.
*We offer Intro Meetings/tours to serious prospective clients who have completed Steps 1 & 2. Intro Meetings are scheduled on the weekend so our focus remains on the animals in our care while the daycare in active Mon-Fri.

The Boarding Stay

Drop Off

Prior to arrival, please ensure your cat is safely in a carrier. We CANNOT ACCEPT cats who are not in carriers.


Monday through Friday between 6:30am-9am ONLY. *We pre-schedule this time so that we can do our best to ensure a smooth transition.


Pick Up

Monday through Friday, either between 6:30am-9am OR 3pm-6pm.​ *We pre-schedule this time so we can have your cat ready in their carrier. Cats not picked up by 6pm must stay for an additional boarding night and a late fee will be assessed due to the team needing to stay longer to feed & get them settled again.



Cats continue to be well-cared for on weekends and have even more 1:1 attention. If social, they can even have open building time which means they can leave their rooms and explore the daycare!  


North Paw Provides

  • Blankets/Bedding

  • Cat Trees & Hiding Spaces in all rooms

  • Bowls​

  • Litter Boxes (tall & low profile)

  • Litter


Parents Should Pack

  • Confirmation of LOCAL Emergency Contact

  • InfoFood w/ Instructions

  • Meds or Supplements w/ Instructions

  • Payment (due @ drop off)

  • Deposit ($150)

  • Small Transitional Item that smells like home (I.e. hand-towel, SMALL blanket, stuffed animal).

  • Label if possible.


*We return items in the condition in which your cat leaves them. We do not launder items and are not responsible for lost, dirty, or damaged items.​

Rates, Payment & Holidays


1 Night, SINGLE cat: $26

Nail Trim: $20-$30


Payment for all services are due at drop off. All clients who board must keep a card on file. We accept cash and all cards. Checks are not accepted.


Additional Payment Notes:

  • Sales tax is included in the fees currently.

  • Card processing fees, including phone payments are set at 3.5%.

  • Service can be refused at drop off if payment is not made at that time, and the reservation will be considered a 'late cancel' & charged accordingly due to negligence on behalf of the client.

  • There is a $10 per day fee when a boarding payment is late.


Discounts & Savings

  • At this time we are still accepting cash payments to help our clients. Rates listed are cash costs. To avoid charges from processing fees we encourage clients to utilize cash payments.

  • Multi-Cat Discount: When more than 1 cat from the same home boards and shares the same bungalow or room, the family will receive 5% off for the cats that share that space.

  • Only 1 discount can be used at one time; discounts cannot be 'stacked.'


Holidays & Closed Dates

Unless otherwise communicated, North Paw is CLOSED for daycare on the holidays listed below. We are open for boarding on these holidays.


There is an additional $10/cat charged to help cover special staffing hours.

  New Year's Eve

  New Year's Day

  Easter Day

  Memorial Day

  Independence Day

  Labor Day

  Thanksgiving Day (+ Fri 11/29)

  Christmas Eve

  Christmas Day

Deposit, Emergency Contact, Illnesses, Cancellations, & Other Important Details


A cash deposit of $150 is collected at check-in. This deposit is held in the event there are cleaning or damage issues (i.e. litter box misses, spraying) or other damage to the facility. It is North Paw's goal to always return deposits in full--this means everything went smoothly!

Emergency Contact

Owners should provide the name of someone within CLOSE RANGE of North Paw who can pick up their cat in case of illness or injury. This is no different than if a child were at a camp. North Paw is not a veterinary clinic and will advise parents when it is necessary for their cat to be picked up, due to health or behavioral concerns. The expectation is that the cat is picked up by 6pm Monday-Friday.

Illness Protocol

Parents will be notified if the Care Team observes a cat has arrived in a physical or emotional condition that is poor. Sometimes this is not noticed right away, as we are not veterinarians and do not conduct a full examination of cats as they get checked in, especially since they are in crates. We may also not know if a cat is ill if it hides right away. Cats may become ill during a boarding stay (I.e. a cat has anxiety and refuses to eat). Next steps will depend on the cat's condition, our ability to care for her/him, and the parents' response. North Paw is not a medical facility and does not act as a vet. It is fully expected that all parents are able to arrange for prompt pick up of their cat from boarding if they receive communication that there is a concern. This is where, for some parents, the emergency contact will be critical. If a cat leaves early due to a medical or behavioral issue the reservation is charged in full. Parents agree to these conditions when choosing to board their animals at North Paw. It is very important to NOT change your cat's food, food schedule, or give treats before an upcoming boarding stay.


We reserve all rights in making these determinations and trust in our highly qualified care team to do so. 

Cancellations & Changes to Reservations (includes cancels/changes due to illness (dog or human), transportation, weather, other unforeseen or predictable circumstances)


Reservations that do not overlap with holidays (holiday list is below): Cancellation of a reservation or subtraction of days within a reservation must be emailed by 9am, 5 days in advance of the date of your cat's boarding reservation. If this is not followed for cancellations, owners are responsible for 50% payment of the full reservation. If the reservation includes a day of daycare on the last day, that day of daycare must be paid for. If this is not followed for subtractions, owners incur a $25 fee. No exceptions.


Reservations that overlap with holidays (holiday list is below): Cancellation of a reservation or subtraction of days within a reservation must be made by 9am, 7 days in advance of the date of your dog's boarding reservation for non-holidays. If this is not followed for cancellations, owners are responsible for 50% payment of the full reservation. If the reservation includes a day of daycare on the last day, that day of daycare must be paid for. If this is not followed for subtractions, owners incur a $25 fee. No exceptions.

Scheduled Check Outs

If a cat is scheduled for check out by 9am on the last date of the reservation but the parent does not arrive by then, the cat can stay for the day and another day's fee will be assessed to the card on file. 

Early Departures

Cats that leave boarding early for any reason are expected to pay the full rate. There are no exceptions to this including illness, injury or travel issues on the part of the owner.

Temporary Leave

Cats cannot leave their boarding stay temporarily and then be checked back in (i.e. for vet visits). Once a cat is checked in, s/he remains at North Paw for the duration of their stay.

No Show Policy 

Clients that do not show up for their reserved boarding date will be charged IN FULL for the dates of the reservation. No exceptions.


There is an administrative cost to preparing estimates. ONE estimate is included per boarding reservation. Clients who request a change after the initial reservation (or more than 1 estimate needs to be prepared) will be charged an administration fee.​

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