Cat Boarding

At North Paw we also love our felines friends! They are amazing, discerning beings who can learn tricks, be cuddly, and want to explore. We sincerely value what cats bring to this world.

We offer specialized, comfortable, tall bungalow spaces where your kitten or cat can be stimulated and/or rest easy. Each cat has their own bungalow and enjoys open room time with cuddles from our care team throughout the day. There is also an extra large, deluxe suite where your kitty can live like a queen/king!


If your kitty is harness-trained we will go out in the large play yard.

Members of our care team are also neonatal kitten fosters. You can view these kittens hanging out in the Kitten Kingdom.

Multiple Pets Discount

Cats/dogs from the same family who stay together in the same bungalow will receive 10% off

their boarding rate. Cats from the same family boarded in separate bungalows will be charged at

the appropriate Individual Bungalow rate.

Health Requirements

Flea/Tick Medication applied 48 hours prior to drop off

Rabies Vaccination

FVRCP Vaccination

Feline Leukemia Vaccination

Behavioral Requirements

Cats should enjoy human interaction and should be able to be handled easily by humans; biting & scratching are behaviors we cannot tolerate for staff safety.

We cannot accept cats who have a history of spraying/marking. Cats that have no history of this but do spray/mark will be asked to be picked up immediately and pet parents will be charged a minimum of $150 for sanitation. Pet parents should understand that they are agreeing to this possible fee by bringing their cats to board at North Paw.


A cash deposit of $150 is collected at check-in and a receipt is emailed. This deposit is held in the event there are cleaning issues (i.e. litter box misses, spraying) or other damage to the facility. It is North Paw's goal to always return deposits in full.


*Cats & Dogs from the same family are charged at Individual rates & receive a 10% discount on boarding.


Pamper Options

Nail Trim -- $20

Cuddles & Love -- Included!

NP Provides


Food Bowls

Access to open room time. Our feline guests also have access to the open

daycare once the dogs are picked up from daycare.

Parents Should Bring

Food & Instructions 

Medication & Instructions

We allow 1 towel or small blanket per cat.

We will do our best to return items in the same condition they arrived however we may not have time to launder the items. We cannot be responsible for lost, dirty, or damaged items.

Emergency Contact

Owners should provide the name of someone within close range of North Paw who can pick up their cat in case of illness or injury. This is no different than if a child were at a camp. North Paw is not a veterinary clinic and will advise owners when it is necessary for their animal to be picked up, due to health or behavioral concerns. The expectation is that the cat is picked up by 6pm if the communication occurs Monday-Friday.


Check Ins & Check Outs (same process as for dogs):

Check in for boarding is between 6:30am and 9am Monday-Friday and should be pre-scheduled so we know when to expect your Little. A full day charge is applied on check in days regardless of drop off time. Saturday and Sunday check ins are at an additional $10 charge and can be arranged by appointment.

Check out is by 9am on the last date of the reservation, otherwise an additional day of boarding will be applied. Cats not picked up by 6:15pm will be placed back into boarding for the night and an additional boarding day will be charged.

Cancellations & No Show Policy

Cancellations must be made by 9am, 2 days in advance of the date of your cat's boarding reservation. Holidays require 5 days in advance notice.

Cats that do not show up for their reserved boarding date will be charged for the dates of the reservation. No exceptions.

Holiday Hours

WE ARE OPEN HOLIDAYS!! An additional $10/day rate is charged for boarding services. Holiday rates apply to the following:

  New Year's Eve

  New Year's Day

  Easter Day

  Memorial Day

  Labor Day

  Independence Day

  Thanksgiving Day

  Christmas Eve

  Christmas Day

Single Cat


Former Taproot Foster Kittens


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