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At North Paw, LLC we take a very personal approach when onboarding a new dog and/or cat and their pet parent. This straight-forward process allows us to become familiar with one another and begin to develop a relationship.


To make a new reservation please follow these steps:

1. Review all online information about North Paw and determine if your dog and/or cat meets all behavioral and health requirements.

2. Download Dog Profile and/or Cat Profile to your computer, complete & email to      Dog:                  Cat:  

3. Email vaccination records (dogs & cats) and proof of flea/tick preventative (dogs).

4. Schedule an Intro Meeting. You will be asked if you completed Steps #1-3 prior to scheduling an Intro Meeting. Once we complete the Intro Meeting and it's

    confirmed your dog/cat will be attending North Paw, you will make your reservations under the Returning Clients section.



                                                                                                        or email:

Reservations can be submitted at any time however we review these during business hours (6:30am-6pm Mon-Fri). Please do your best to submit reservations at least 24 hours in advance. No reservation is guaranteed unless you receive confirmation.

The cancellation policy is in effect until you receive confirmation from a care team member that your reservation has been cancelled.

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