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Dog Daycare

As trainers & daycare staff we understand that smaller dogs experience the world in unique ways. Some want to bounce around like large dogs but need an environment that is physically suitable. Some Littles haven't had great experiences and prefer to have space. Yet others just want to lounge comfortably and peacefully.

At North Paw our spaces are designed 

specifically for all of the Littles.

Hours, Contact, Tour


Monday-Friday, 6:30am-6pm 

Saturdays: Daycare closed; Boarding open.

Sundays: Daycare closed; Boarding open.


The best way to contact us is via email.

Daily Schedule 

6:30am-9am -- Drop off

9:30am-2:30pm -- Socialization, Enrichment Activities, Snacks, Rest.

3pm-6pm -- Pick Up


A tour is included during the Intro Meeting and are for prospective clients only.

Though we would love to grant tours at any time we do need to keep focus on the animals that are currently on site. Please

email to schedule an Intro Meeting so

that we can set time aside to give you the individual attention you deserve. 

Attendance Requirements
& Rates


Dogs should attend at least 1x weekly.


This attendance helps dogs to stay acclimated to the other dogs, staff, and rules associated with the daycare. Exceptions can be made but please communicate so that your dog remains in good standing. Families not following this can be asked to find service elsewhere. 



Full Day: $32 credit/$30 cash

10 Day Package:

$300 credit /$290 cash ($30 or $29/day)

20 Day Package:

$560 credit/$550 cash ($28 or $27.50/day)

30 Day Package:

$810 credit/$800 cash ($27 or ~$26.50/day)

All packages expire after 90 days of purchase. No exceptions.

* +$2 for in-person credit card processing per service

**+4% for phone credit card processing per service

Enrich, Play, Lounge

Canine Enrichment

When you leave your dog in our care you expect your dog to have positive, worthwhile experiences. We know and honor this.

We understand how important it is to actively engage dogs. Our care team is trained to be positively involved with your Little.

Play & Lounge

Our play areas provide enrichment equipment and activities that are

specifically designed and hand-made 

for smaller dogs. Additionally, we use different scents around the exterior and interior spaces so dogs can work their olfactory receptors. This provides additional mental stimulation for the dogs.

Dogs experience a balance of indoor and outside time when weather permits. They sniff, play, and lounge as leisurely as they desire.

Weekly Activities Include:

-Scent Exploration

-Food Exploration

-Puzzle Toys

-Manners Games

-Movin' & Groovin' Physical Games


If you decide to pack a snack or lunch we will offer this to your dog. Some dogs are most comfortable eating only at home so don't be worried if your Little doesn't eat what you brought. We will happily refrigerate food. Please label all containers.

Additional Services

Bath & Massage: $25-$40 *bath service for Littles only

Hygiene Trim: $15-25 (inner eyes, rear, groin)

Hygiene Wipe: $5-$10/day

Daily Combing: $5-$10/day

Nail Trim: $15-30

Enzymatic Teeth Brushing: $5/day

Med/Supplement Admin: $3-$5/time

NP Meal: $5/meal

Travel Fee: $15-$20 (i.e. med pick up)

Fecal/Urine Sample Collection: $10

* +$2 for in-person credit card processing per service

**+4% for phone credit card processing per service

Behavioral Requirements

Dogs that come to a daycare setting should generally enjoy or be curious about being around other dogs.


We understand that many small dogs have not had the opportunity to be around other small dogs and we're open to helping them in this transition. If your dog needs one-on-one transitional help we have individualized training that can assist with this.

We cannot accept dogs that have the following behaviors:

  • Obsessive barking

  • Obsessive marking

  • Obsessive digging

  • Resource guarding (if you have questions about this please ask!)

  • Bullying behaviors (if you have questions please ask!)

  • Climbing of flat, wooden fences (6 ft wooden privacy fencing surrounds the perimeter of the play yard)

  • Eating rocks or swallowing of sticks (we have pea gravel & are surrounded by trees)

Health Requirements & Recommendations


  • Unless otherwise disclosed, all dogs must be in good health

  • We accept titers!

  • Flea/Tick Preventative (must provide proof). We accept related collars. Please talk with us if you have questions.

  • Rabies Vaccination

  • DAPP Vaccination

  • Bordetella Vaccination

  • Negative Fecal Float Result within past 6mo of enrolling/attending North Paw. Required every 12mo thereafter. Must include Giardia screening.

  • Spay/Neuter by age 6mo


Health Recommendations

  • Canine Influenza Vaccination

  • Lyme Disease Vaccination

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Packages are attached to the pet parent(s) and can be used for any dog within the same family by the expiration date(s). All packages expire 3 month from the date of first use (includes weekends & holidays). For multiple dogs in a family, 1 dog = 1 package day. Packages are non-transferrable to other families and are non-refundable which is why we highly recommend trying single days first to ensure North Paw and your dog are a good match. If a dog is asked to leave North Paw, regardless of reason (i.e. health, behavioral concerns), packages are still non-refundable. No additional discounts (i.e. Multi-Dog Discount) are available when purchasing the already discounted package. Pet parents are responsible for knowing the expiration date(s) of their packages while North Paw tracks when package days are used.

Multi-Dog Discount

When more than 1 dog from the same family participates in daycare, the family will receive 10% off. No discounts are available on Packages.

Additional Services

To reschedule to cancel an Additional Service please email by 9am, 2 days in advance of the day of the reservation. If Client does not arrive on time or neglects to cancel their reservation correctly (i.e. inclement weather, illness, forgetting about the appt), Client will be charged 50% of the Additional Service fee.

Personalized Training

For dogs that need more one-on-one time, this is a fantastic option! Work with a member of our team for an additional $20 per 30 minutes of training.

Addressing Undesirable Behaviors & Illness

We believe in using proven dog training techniques to affirm, redirect, and correct behaviors. All dogs deserve equitable attention. If your dog is requiring more staff focus than most dogs we will communicate our recommendations for how to best help your dog in this setting. We may recommend individual training, a class, or locating another service that is better suited to your dog.


Pet parents will be notified if Care Team notice animals have arrived in a physical or emotional condition that is poor. Next steps will depend on this condition, our ability to care for the animal, and the pet parents' response. North Paw is not a medical facility and does not act as a vet. It is fully expected that all pet parents are able to arrange for prompt pick up of their animal from daycare if they receive communication that there is a concern. If an animal leaves early due to a medical or behavioral issue the reservation is charged in full.


We reserve all rights in making these determinations and trust in our highly qualified care team to do so. 

Drop Off

Drop off is between 6:30am and 9am. We do NOT accept arrivals past 9am.


Pick Up 

Pick up is between 3pm and 6pm. Dogs must be picked up by 6pm--THE SPIRIT of this is that dogs have left the property BY 6pm, parents are not pulling into the parking lot at 6pm. It is important that dogs be picked up on time, otherwise staff must stay later than expected and must be compensated. A late charge will be assessed and/or the dog(s) will be placed into overnight boarding, all at cost of the owner.

Dogs cannot come and leave from daycare throughout the day (i.e. dog has a vet visit in the middle of the day). Pet parents should plan/schedule for other events (i.e. vet & grooming visits) accordingly.


Late Charges

No one likes late charges. We understand that life happens sometimes, and, no staff wants to remain after their shifts without being compensated. In fairness to our care team a $10 late charge will apply for any dog picked up past 6pm (6:01pm). Though we want to do our best to be understanding, owners who are repeatedly late may be asked to seek service elsewhere.


If dogs are not picked up by 6:05pm the dog will be placed into boarding for the night and owners will be charged an additional boarding fee in addition to the late pick up charge. This decision is at the discretion of the North Paw staff. When owners bring their Littles to North Paw they agree to comply with North Paw's decisions in these matters.

Cancellations/Reschedules & No Show Policy

Cancelling & rescheduling must be done by 9am the day prior to your dog's daycare reservation otherwise you will be charged for the reservation.

Illness or injury (animal or parent) are not exceptions to this policy. We strongly encourage pet parents to stay attuned to their dog's health, as health-related issues often arise earlier than the day before a reservation. 


Dogs that do not show up for their reserved daycare date will be charged for the dates of the reservation. No exceptions.

Early Departures

Dogs that leave daycare early for any reason are expected to pay the full rate. There are no exceptions to this including illness, injury or travel issues on the part of the owner.

Holiday Hours

Unless otherwise communicated, North Paw is CLOSED for daycare on the holidays listed below. We are open for boarding on these holidays. There is an additional $10/dog charged to help cover special staffing hours.

  New Year's Eve

  New Year's Day

  Easter Day

  Memorial Day

  Independence Day

  Labor Day

  Thanksgiving Day

  Christmas Eve

  Christmas Day

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