Dog Boarding

North Paw is the first team to offer safe and cozy overnight boarding for smaller dogs in a daycare that is designed for the small dog experience. We have homey bungalows that serve as luxury suites for 1-multiple dogs. Our video & temperature controls monitor the safety and comfort of your beloved pup 24/7. The boarding space is an interior room that is insulated from the sounds of weather and our building-wide generator guarantees power is never lost to the building.

The Stay

Dogs are dropped off between 6:30am-9am Monday through Friday. They participate in daycare throughout their stay and can stay over the weekends. Dogs are picked up either between 6:30am-9am or 3pm-6pm Monday through Friday just as is typical for the daycare dogs.

Multiple Pet Discount

Dogs from the same family receive 10% off their boarding rate. 

Health/Behavioral Requirements

Dogs in boarding will be exposed to the same environment as daycare dogs, therefore the requirements are the same as listed under Daycare.

Trial Night

Dogs new to boarding at North Paw must have at least 1 sleepover visit prior to a multi-day visit or first time weekend stay. This is to ensure your dog is comfortable in the environment. We require this during the week days (Monday through Thursday night) so that your Little can experience a full typical day of daycare.



North Paw Provides



Food Bowls

Access to Play Yard and/or Exercise Walks

Plenty of Cuddles & Love

Parents Should Bring

Food & Instructions 

Medication & Instructions 

Chewing/Canine Enrichment Object. We highly recommend the Toppl. Please consider whether this or other objects are choking hazards for your dogWe also understand that it can be soothing to have something that smells like home. We allow 1 towel or small blanket and 1 toy, both of which must be labeled. We will do our best to return items in the same condition they arrived however we may not have time to launder the items. We cannot be responsible for lost, dirty, or damaged items.

Emergency Contact

Owners should provide the name of someone within close range of North Paw who can pick up their dog in case of illness or injury. This is no different than if a child were at a camp. North Paw is not a veterinary clinic and will advise owners when it is necessary for their animal to be picked up, due to health or behavioral concerns. The expectation is that the dog is picked up by 6pm if the communication occurs Monday-Friday.

Check Ins & Check Outs

Check in for boarding is between 6:30am and 9am. A full day charge is applied on check in days regardless of drop off time.

Check out is by 9am (Monday-Friday) on the last date of the reservation. If check out is after 9am, daycare rates apply. Late charges apply to dogs not picked up by 6pm. 


Dogs not picked up by 6:15pm will be placed into boarding and an additional boarding day will be charged.

Addressing Undesirable Behaviors & Illness

We believe in using proven dog training techniques to affirm, redirect, and correct behaviors. All dogs deserve equitable attention. If your dog is requiring more staff focus than most dogs we will communicate our recommendations for how to best help your dog in this setting. We may recommend individual training, a class, or locating another service that is better suited to your dog.


Pet parents will be notified if Care Team notice animals have arrived in a physical or emotional condition that is poor. Next steps will depend on this condition, our ability to care for the animal, and the pet parents' response. North Paw is not a medical facility and does not act as a vet. It is fully expected that all pet parents are able to arrange for prompt pick up of their animal from boarding if they receive communication that there is a concern. If an animal leaves early due to a medical or behavioral issue the reservation is charged in full. Pet parents agree to these conditions when choosing to board their animals at North Paw.


We reserve all rights in making these determinations and trust in our highly qualified care team to do so. 

Cancellations & No Show Policy

Cancellations must be made by 9am, 2 days in advance of the date of your dog's boarding reservation for non-holidays. Any reservations over holidays require 5 days in advance notice. Dogs that do not show up for their reserved boarding date will be charged for the dates of the reservation. No exceptions.

Early Departures

Dogs that leave daycare early for any reason are expected to pay the full daycare rate. There are no exceptions to this including illness, injury or travel issues on the part of the owner.

Holiday Hours

WE ARE OPEN HOLIDAYS!! An additional $10/day rate is charged for all daycare and boarding services. Holiday rates apply to the following:

  New Year's Eve

  New Year's Day

  Easter Day

  Memorial Day

  Independence Day

  Labor Day

  Thanksgiving Day

  Christmas Eve

  Christmas Day



5% off cash payment

Daily Rate

Additional Services

Bath & Massage

Daily Combing

Nail Trim

Teeth Brushing

Medication Administration

NP Meal

Travel Fee

(i.e. med pick-up)








*+$2 for credit card processing