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North Paw llc

2320 Mustang Way

Madison, WI 53718

*Best communication is via email

Madison's Premiere Daycare & Boarding

  for Smaller Dogs & Cats

About Us

North Paw is Madison's first animal daycare & boarding team focusing on smaller dogs (up to 25lbs) and cats. Owned by a Nationally Certified Professional Dog Trainer, North Paw is a local business that values partnering with pet parents to meet the specialized needs of their Littles. Devoted pet parents will not find a more dedicated or sincere care team.


North Paw believes in setting best practices in the industry. We are leaders. Everything we do is intentional. Local artists hand built the socialization group dividers as well as the dog and cat boarding bungalows. The rubberized flooring in the indoor spaces is designed to help reduce stress on little knees. We hand-chose specific rounded, 1/4 inch pea gravel in the large outdoor play yard so that little paws are massaged. We also offer hand-crafted enrichment equipment especially built for smaller dogs. Cleaning products are both environmentally and pet-safe. Temperatures are 

monitored and controlled in all spaces, security measures exist in multiple forms, we added new fire-sprinklers throughout the entire building, and there is an emergency generator in the event of power outages. North Paw is what pet parents would hope for, for their smaller dogs and cats!


All requirements and standards for behavior are made by nationally Certified Professional Dog Trainers who are also knowledgable about feline behavior. Health requirements are made in consultation with Madison's most respected veterinarians.

North Paw provides a safe, nurturing & fun space for our Littles. All decisions are made for the good of the dogs and cats.

Tours/Intro Meetings

Tours are offered during Intro Meetings, by appointment, and for prospective clients only. Please email with your interest:


Monday-Friday Drop off: 6:30am-9am; Pick Up: 3pm-6pm. Prospective clients, please email.

Saturdays: Boarding only & group training classes by Taproot Dog Training, LLC

Sundays: Boarding only & group training classes by Taproot Dog Training, LLC

Holidays Hours

Unless otherwise communicated, North Paw is CLOSED for daycare on the holidays listed below. We are open for boarding on these holidays. There is an additional $10/dog charged to help cover special staffing hours.

  New Year's Eve

  New Year's Day

  Easter Day

  Memorial Day

  Independence Day

  Labor Day

  Thanksgiving Day

  Christmas Eve

  Christmas Day

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