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North Paw llc

Madison's ELITE Daycare & Boarding
for Smaller Dogs, Lovable Bigs & Cats

Welcome to North Paw!

Madison's first and only daycare & boarding facility designed for the specialized needs of smaller dogs & cats.


We also host an intimate pack of Lovable Bigs (~25lb-40lb).


Top Tier! Our standards for behavior are made by our owner, a nationally Certified Professional Dog Trainer.

Health requirements are made in consultation with Madison's most respected & board-certified veterinarians.

A Second Home! North Paw sets our industry's best practices and is what your family deserves!



Teeth Brushing with Ana!

Additional Services




Dog Training


Dog Boarding

About & Employment!

About & Work with Us!

Cade & Santos!

Cat Boarding

Ways to Save

Ways to Save

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